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The Ware Family of Northeast Arkansas, Their Tennessee and Arkansas Heritage

 Ware Family ~ Their Tennessee and Arkhis

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This blog contains a detailed outline of the family of Roland and Temperance Ware who originated from McMinnville, Tennessee and their descendants written by Len Ware.

The information on the early Wares was taken from the book, WARE FAMILY HISTORY, written by Wanda Ware DeGidio.

I gave her the information concerning our Ware family.

The main emphasis of this website is the lineage of:

Roland Ware > Wiley Ware > Absalom Ware > Henry Horace Ware > Henry Roscoe Ware > Auddie Byrl Ware.

Henry Roscoe Ware, Sr. and Ollie Viola Pearson Ware

Pauline Perry Ware and Auddie Byrl Ware

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"Those who have passed from this life die only when we, whom they loved, forget them."

This epitaph is engraved upon my Grandpa and Grandma Perry's gravestone. I believe it sums up why I am so interested in genealogy. Loved ones never truly die as long as someone continues to remember them. Their love and their memory continues to live in our hearts.

Ware Coat of Arms as listed in Sir Bernard Burkes General Armory, 1884

The surname of WARE was derived from the Middle English WAR - meaning wary, astute, prudent. It was also a locational name 'at the weir', from residence thereby. Local names usually denoted where a man held his land, and indicated where he actually lived.

Ware is a topographic name for someone who lived by a dam or weir on a river (Old English waer, wer), or a habitational name from a place named with this word, such as Ware in Hertfordshire.

Wanda Ware DeGidio has researched the origins of our Ware family. They originated from Kent, England.

The following Coat of Arms is the one used by the Wares of Kent.  The main characteristic of our particular coat of arms is the dragon at the top with the sword in its neck.  I personally prefer it from all of the other variations of the Ware Coat of Arms:

                                                      ware coat of arms

The following monument refers to the men of Kent:

You can read more about the Men of Kent and the origins of our Ware family at:

When the website opens, click on Ware Lineage. When that window opens, click Ctrl and F on your keyboard. A search window will appear in the upper left corner of the page. Type in Roland Ware or the ancestor that you are searching for and the page with the pertinent information will be displayed.

Some of the information about my early Ware lineage came from the book, WARE FAMILY HISTORY, written by Wanda Ware DeGidio. I provided the information that appears in the book about my direct Ware lineage. Thank you, Wanda, for all of your hard work.

It is online at the following link:

I have added some new information that did not appear in the book.

The following are also Ware websites of interest:

Surnames in my direct Ware lineage include:

Ware, Allison, Bishop, Brown, Harris, Morris, Pearson, Perry and Stiles.

More detailed information about these surnames are included in this website whenever available.

Other surnames in our genealogy include:

Ainsworth, Argo, Bailey, Baker, Baugh, Benton, Blake, Bradley, Bramlett, Bronaugh, Burrell, Caery,

Caruthers, Crismore, Clark, Cox, Davis, Dillsaver, Dodson, Forrest, Fowler, Francis, Gann, Garcia,

Gilvin,Gray, Hammack, Haney, Harrell, Hickes, Howerton, Huling, Johnson, Jones, Kaiser, Kendall,

 Kellems, Lashbrook, Lewis, Martin, Maxwell, May, McDole, McGill, McGregor, McGrew,

Montgomery, Moran, Morgan, Myers, Norton, Pack, Pennington, Peters, Puckett, Powell, Randle,

Randolph, Roe, Rowlett, Rowley, Scarbrough, Sexton, Shaver, Shrable, Shultz, Sims, Skeits, Steele,

Stewart, Strowder, Sullivan, Sweeney, Sweitzer, Taylor, Tinsdale, Valentine, Vessels, Ward, Weston

and Womack.

I am working on adding virtual cemetery memorials whenever possible. If you have a picture of a family member or of their gravestone, please send it to me and I will post it in the virtual cemetery.

The following link has information about the virtual cemetery memorials that I have either created or contributed information:

My interest in the Ware family history began as a young boy. My parents gave me as much information as they knew at the time.
Since my father's death in 1981, I have spent countless hours in the Craighead County Library reading old copies of THE JONESBORO SUN and searching local cemeteries for gravestones.

 Computers made my quest much easier.

I owe a lot of gratitude to my beloved great-uncle, Bill Ware, for telling me names and details about those in our family. I will always cherish his memory and keep him close to me in my heart. My mother shared what she knew about the Perry/Harris side of my family. She also had a special relationship with my Grandmother Ware so she shared information and stories about the Pearson/Ware side of our family that she had heard from her as they worked together in the kitchen either cooking or washing dishes over the sink

I can remember visiting the cemetery in Manila as a young boy and placing flowers upon my Uncle "Rubber Joe's" grave and my Grandfather Perry's grave. I am grateful to Mom for teaching me at an early age to remember and to honor loved ones.

When my father and his brothers and sisters were cleaning out my Grandfather Ware's house after his death, my father instructed me to sit in Big Red, his Ford F-100,while they worked. He came out to the truck with something under his shirt and placed it beneath the seat. He gave me that stern "Ware" look and instructed me to "keep my mouth shut". Later, I learned that it was the bible that he and my mother had given to my grandparents. It had information written in my grandfather's handwriting. My mother had also written some information as dictated to her by him and from her own memory.

My mother gave the bible to me after Dad died. My father's pocket watch, family pictures and that bible are among my most cherished posessions.

The following link is to the Craighead County Arkansas Genealogical Society. It contains marriage records for Craighead County, The Jonesboro Sun Obituaries for many years and cemetery transcriptions for various cemeteries in Craighead County Arkansas.

This link is a search link that has all of the records with the name "WARE" that the Craighead County Genealogical Society maintains:

This link is the Craighead County Arkansas link on RootsWeb:

The following link is to the Warren County Tennessee Genealogical Association:

It has a transcription of Warren County, Tennessee marriages from 1852-1900.

It also has land surveys and tax lists beginning from 1808 when Warren Co. was created. The names: Thomas Ware, Rowland Ware, Wyley Ware, Isham Ware and Pemberton Ware appear in various years.

I have no idea if Pemberton Ware is related to our Ware line.

This web page has more research resources for Warren County Tennessee.

Wylie Ware is listed as among those in Goodpasture's History of Warren County as living in the Fifth District:

Thomas and Rowland Ware are shown in Tennessee's Second Surveyors District in entry number 548 as owning 234 acres in Bedford County on the Barren Fork, Duck River on June 6, 1808:

Thomas Ware is also listed in entry #527.

I will begin our family lineage with Peter Ware Sr.   Prior lineage can be read in Wanda Ware DeGidio's book, WARE FAMILY HISTORY.

Generation #1 in the British Colony of Virginia in North America which later became the state of Virginia in The United States of America.

--1-Peter Ware Sr. b circa 1600 d before 9-10-1659 York, Co. VA married Mary Hickes.

--2-Peter Ware Jr. b circa 1637 Cork Co. Ireland d 5-25-1675 Hampton Parish, York Co. VA married to Jane Valentine.

--3-Thomas Ware II (c1660-Before 6 Oct 1703). In 1699 Thomas Ware leased and released land in K&Q County. On 25 Apr 1701 Thomas Ware was one of 48 persons imported by Richard Littlepage of K&Q for patent of Pamunkey Neck land on Mattaponi River. On 12 Apr 1702 Thomas Ware patented 620 acres of land in Pamunkey Neck on Necatawance Swamp (Modern Day Harrison Creek). When Thomas died, Matthew Page, who was also a 1701 headright of Richard Littlepage, inventoried his estate; Matthew Page died in 1804. 6 Oct 1703-William Lea (Thomas' brother-in-law ?)-Escheated land in Kg Wm Co from Thomas Ware dec'd by inquisition from Mathew Page. Land was adjacent to John Madison's Mill on the north side of the Mattapony River in St. Stephen's Parish. Corner Hickory of John Taylor's landing to Anne Wiltshire's line, to Thomas Camp's. Recorded 4 Dec 1714.

-----4-Thomas Ware III (c1693-) In 1724 Thomas Ware patented 150 acres of new land in St. John's Parish, King William Co. VA, on condition of seating for the import of 3 persons-----he failed to seat, so John Lea/Lee (his Uncle ?) patented the 150a.

--------5-Peter Ware IV (1720 King William Co. VA-c1787 Possibly in Montgomery Co., NC) m. Susanna Randle (c1728-c1819/20) 5 Mar 1750 in Brunswick Co. VA. Susanna d/o John Randle and Mary Frances Randolph: John died in Brunswick Co. VA in 1753 (will dated 17 Nov 1752, proved 28 Aug 1753).


Birth year is estimated on the basis of the known date for Susannah. In "Marriage Records of Brunswick, Va., 1730-1852 by A. B. Fothergill, 1953, Susannah Randle is shown to have married a Ware, given name not specified. Later documents prove this to be Peter Ware. Peter Ware is named in various legal documents in Brunswick Co., until the sale 28/10/1771, whereby he and Susannah sell to John Atkins, of Northampton, N.C., the property she received from her father (Deed book 10, pg. 244-246) By 03/01/1780, Peter Ware is in Anson Co., N.C. On that date he sells to Geo. Brewer of Halifax Co. 100 acres on Beaver Pond in Northampton Co., N. C. for 1400 pounds, witnessed by Roland Ware and others. In 1782 tax records for Montgomery Co., N.C. includes a Peter Ware with 150 acres, with Roland Ware (unmarried) and a Thomas Ware, other children are listed along with 3 cousins. Peter Ware is noted in District 4, Montgomery Co. in 1787. This is the last record found that documents Peter Ware's presence.

Notes for Susanna Randle:

Susannah's death is noted in the William Morgan Family Bible. "She died in 98th or 99th year of her life.” This statement is probably in error; since it would indicate a birth year of 1720, while information from other sources have her born about 1728. Her parentage is established by a gift of love from John Randle to his daughter, Susanna Ware, of the plantation on which she lived with the 163 acres adjoining (Brunswick Co., Va. Deed Book 4, pg. 125). On Oct. 28, 1771 this same land is sold by Peter Ware and Susanna, his wife (Brunswick Co., Va., Deed Book 10, pg. 244).

-----------6-Roland B. Ware (1 Jan 1760 Brunswick Co. VA-15 Jun 1864 (date of death listed on Rev. War Service Record) McMinn Co. TN (Buried at South Liberty Cemetery in Athens, TN) m. Temperance White (c1772-c1845) in Mecklenberg Co., NC before 1800.

Notes for ROLAND BURTON WARE: He probably migrated to Northampton Co., N. C. by 1774 with Peter Ware. In 1778 he entered the service and fought in the Revolutionary War. His Revolutionary War Service Record is: S3434/BLWT77006-160-55. "While a resident of Montgomery Co., NC, he enlisted in 1778 and served at various times until the close of the Revolution, amounting to about 12 months in all, as private with the North Carolina Troops under Capt. Ramles, and Buckner Kimbrell, Colonels Harris and Childs; he was in skirmishes with the British and the Tories on the east side of the Peedee River. He was allowed pension on his application executed July 1,1844, at which time he was a resident of Warren County, Tennessee. Roland appears in the 1820 census for Warren County, Tennessee. In 1857 he was living in McMinn County, Tennessee, and he died June 15, 1864 at age 103. From a letter signed by Winfield Scott dated March 10, 1926 military: He served 12 months as a guard to guard the legislator of North Carolina "to keep off the Tories and British.” He said he entered active service in Northhampton, N.C. being drafted for 3 months, then marched on to Halifax in NC (not VA) and from there volunteered in the horse company of Calvary, then called the light horse company. He then was in Montgomery Co., N.C. and went to Drowning Creek. Residence: His pension papers indicate he lived in Warren Co., TN before McMinn Co. and there are Warren Co. records accompanying. He is buried at South Liberty Cemetery that is located about 8 miles south of Athens, TN. There are 114 unmarked graves.

The following website has Roland Ware listed as a Private in the North Hampton, North Carolina Militia:

Our Family Tree website also has information from the Carolana website about Roland Ware:

The Capt. John Randle that Roland served under was his mother Susannah's, brother and the husband of his cousin, Mary "Mollie" Ware.

In 1800, Rowland Ware is listed in the U.S. census of Montgomery, North Carolina.

In 1808, Thomas Ware and Rowland Ware are listed on a land survey of Warren Co. TN.
on May 20, 1808.

View the survey #548 on the Warren County Tennessee Genealogical website:

The Nashville Dispatch reportedly stated in an obituary dated 23 April 1863 that Roland died on 22 March 1863, age 102, 2 month, 2 days. The math here doesn't add up correctly. If the date of death is correct it should be age 103, 2 months and 21 days.

Virtual Cemetery Memorial for Roland B. Ware:

View all Wares buried at South Liberty Cemetery:

Notes for Temperance White:

Who was Temperance? No one seems to know. Temperance was born c1772 and died 1844. Burial was at Smyrna Churchyard at McMinnville, TN. She is buried near her son, Isom Ware. A simple stone marks the grave and reads "Wife of Roland Ware".
As Roland Ware named a son Allen, it is speculated that this was his wife's
maiden name. An indenture between Elizabeth Allen and Roland Ware, on 10
February 1795, (Montgomery Co., NC Record of Deeds, 1774-1849 C.067.40001,
1st Vol., 2nd p. 131) gave to Rowland Ware a slave, a horse, various
furniture items, four cattle, 12 hogs, 6 geese, etc. as collateral for an
indebtedness. If the indebtedness was paid by 4 April 1800, the indenture
was void. Roland only received the collateral in the event the debt remained
unpaid at that date. Elizabeth Allen may have been the mother of his wife.

One source indicates that Temperance was a White, but this is also not
supported by documentation.

Roland became ill shortly after Temperance died; he was 84 at the time. He went to live the remainder of his life with his son, Allen, in Riceville, TN near Athens. He died at age 103.

Erroneous Information concerning Temperance "White" Ware:

Some Ware researchers believe that Temperance White Ware was the daughter of Daniel White and Abigail Turner born c1769 d 26 Aug 1848, buried in West Bridgewater, MA (Plymouth). Daniel White was a descendant of Peregrine White who was the first English child born at Plymouth, MA. His daughter, Temperance White, never married and is buried in West Bridgewater, MA. Information found in the book: Vital Records of West Bridgewater, MA to year 1850. While I am not certain about our Temperance Ware's maiden name, I am certain that she was not the daughter of Daniel and Abigail White.

Virtual Cemetery Memorial for Temperance Ware:

View all Wares buried at Smyrna Churchyard Cemetery:

-------------7-Sarah Jane Ware (15 Dec 1787 Montgomery Co. NC-20 Apr 1856) m. Ezekiel McGregor. Sarah may have been named for her father's sister,Sarah Morgan.

She had a twin sister, Susan. They both married twin brothers.
Sarah and Susan are buried in Smyrna Churchyard near Temperance and next to each of their husbands at McMinnville, TN. However, the Shellsford Cemetery entry on Find A Grave has a picture of both of their gravestones. A record of their tombstones being located at Smyrna Churchyard is in the book:
Tennessee Records: Tombstone Inscriptions and Manuscripts

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Sarah Ware McGregor:

-------------7-Susan Ware (15 Dec 1787 Montgomery Co. NC-25 May 1871) m. Willis McGregor. Susan may have been named for her grandmother, Susannah Randle Ware.
She is buried in Smyrna Churchyard Cemetery at McMinnville, TN.

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Susan Ware McGregor:

-------------7-Isom Ware (c1793 Montgomery Co. NC-25 Dec 1885) m. Martha Norton.
Both buried at Smyrna Churchyard Cemetery at McMinnville, TN.

View virtual cemetery entry for Isom Ware:

------------------------8-Elizabeth Ware (c1822).

------------------------8-Allen Ware (c1824).

------------------------8-Delonamus (aka Adelonamus or Lon) Ware (c1830).

------------------------8-William Washington Ware (c1840).

------------------------8-Mary Ware (c1841).

-------------7-Wiley Ware (c1805->1880) m. 1)DOCUMENTED: Mary Clark.
m. 2)SPECULATION ONLY: Fanny R. Caruthers on 3 Jul 1838 at Fayetteville, TN. Fanny R. Ware is listed in the 1850 census of Obion County, Tennessee but Wiley
Ware is not listed in the household; therefore, if Wiley was indeed married to Fanny Caruthers,they must have divorced before 1850.

m. 3)DOCUMENTED: Leticia "Letty" (Martin, Hays) Argo d/o Jacob Martin and Catherine "Katie" Myers (c1814-Jan. 5, 1900) in 1852. The 1870 census of Warren County lists Wiley, Letty, and daughters Vesta Ware and Sarah Ware.
Wiley, Letty, and daughter Sarah were enumerated in Warren Co. TN on the 1880 census. Letty was previously married to John Luck Hays and then to David Argo and had a daughter named Catherine Argo. Catherine
married Wiley Ware's nephew, William Washington Ware, son of Isom Ware and Martha Norton.

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Lettie Martin Ware:

Note by Len Ware: Wiley's son, Absalom Ware, fought for both sides during the Civil War. He was arrested as a rebel and sentenced to be executed for desertion but the war ended before his execution date. His brother, Roland W. Ware, was killed at the battle of Perryville. If Wiley was in fact married to Fanny R. Caruthers, then his two half brothers, Samuel and John, were also killed at the battle of Peach Tree at Shiloh, TN. These facts might explain the hard feelings between Absalom and the rest of the Ware relatives in Tennessee. This is probably why Horace Ware forbade any mention of Absalom's name. Well, look at it this way, if he had been executed many of us wouldn't be here today!

Children with Mary Clark:

The will of Absalom Clark, Sr.,Polly Ware's father, was written in 1848. It mentions Polly Ware, long deceased. Since Roland W. Ware was born in 1836, Polly must have died after 1836. In the 1840 census of Warren County emumerated Oct. 19, 1840, Wiley is listed on page 364. There is one male less than age 5, one male age 5-10, one male age 10-15 and one male age 30-40. That shows that Wiley was indeed born after 1800 and before 1810.

(The 1860 census of Warren County erroneously lists his age as 45; however in the 1870 census, he is listed as being 65 and in 1880 as age 76, so 1805 is probably his correct birth year.)

In the 1840 Census of Warren County, Tennessee, there is one female age 5-10, one female age 15-20, one female age 20-30, and one female age 30-40. Unless the female age 30-40 is Fanny Caruthers Ware to whom it is speculated that he married in 1838, I concluded that it must be Polly Clark Ware. So Polly would have died after 1836-1840. Wiley is known to have married Letty Argo in 1852. I have not found any listing of Wiley in 1850 in Obion County, or Warren County. Since the search engine on Heritage Quest does not include the 1850 census, I would have to search each microfilm myself to look for Wiley. There are transcripts of the 1850 census for Obion Co. and Warren Co., but they do not list a Wiley Ware. He could possibly be in another county in Tennessee; however, I think he was probably living in Warren county and was just overlooked by the census takers.
His children were living in 1850 on the land in Warren County that was given to them jointly by their grandfather, Absalom Clark, Sr. in the household of their uncle, Absalom Clark,Jr.

The following is a transcript of Absalom Clark's will:

Text: Last Will and Testament of Absolom Clark

I Absolom Clark do to make and publish this as my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me at any time made. First I direct that my funeral expenses and all my debts as soon after my death as possible out of any money that I may die disposed of or may first come into the hands of my executor. 2nd I give and bequeth to my beloved son Absolum Clark this tract of land I now live on containing about one hundred and fifty acres more or less to have and to hold the same to himself his heirs and assigns forever and this is all I intend my said son Absolum to have out of my estate. 3rd my will is that all the personal property I may die disposed of may be sold as soon after my death as practicable and the proceeds thereof divided equally between my children to wit: the children of Isaac Clark, deceased, Elizabeth, wife of John Barnes, Ellender, wife of Cyrus Miller and her heirs, the children of Polly Ware deceased, Nancy Overton, Wife of William Overton and her heirs, Gillum Clark and his heirs, Joseph Clark and his heirs, William C. Clark and his heirs. 4th Lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint my son Absolum Clark, my executor hereby giving him full power to execute this my last will and testament to its full intent and meaning. In witness thereof, I do to this my last will set my hand and seal this 16th day of February 1848.

--------------------8-Arminda Ware (1828) approximately age 12 in 1840, m. Thomas Sullivan.

--------------------8-William W. Ware (1832)apoproximately age 8 in 1840, m. Mary (Martin ?).

--------------------8-Tempa Ware (1834) approximately age 6 in 1840, m. 1) Samuel Marion Womack 2) Abner Monroe Womack Oct. 14, 1896.

--------------------8-Rowland W. Ware (1836)approximately age 4 in 1840 (Killed during the Civil War at Battle of Perryville on 8 Oct. 1862).

The following information was taken from the records of the 16th Tennessee Infantry Regiment History:

Ware, Rowland W. Pvt.,Sgt. E CSR,Womack
Enlisted 5/15/61. Granted a sick furlough home on 6/7/61. Promoted to 2nd
Sgt. 5/8/62. Severely wounded at Perryville 10/8/62. Died from the effects
of wound. Settlement claim filed by Willis Ware (father) in Warren co. in
4/63. Womack sold him a Colt repeating pistol for $17 on 11/6/61.

View the monument dedicated to the 16th Tennessee Regiment at the courthouse in McMinnville, TN.

--------------------8-Candace Ware.(1827) approximately age 13 in 1840, AKA as "Kansas". (Note by Len Ware: Candace Ware was living in the household of Charles Forest in the 1850 Census of Warren co., TN.)

--------------------8-Burton Absalom Ware (c1830 Warren Co. TN-c1898 AR) approximately age 10 in 1840, m. Drucilla Perfenia Stiles (c1832 Warren Co. TN-c1898 AR). Names taken from U.S. Census.

In the 1860 census they were living in Warren County Tennessee.
In the 1870 census they were residents of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
In the 1880 census they lived in Baldwyn, Mississippi in Prentiss County.

-------------------------9-Henry Horace Ware (1857-1921 Burial at Macey Cemetery in Monette, AR)

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Henry Horace Ware:

1 m. 12 Nov. 1879 in Lowndes County Mississippi 1. Elizabeth (Bettye) Brown (1854- 20 January 1899. She was the daughter of Jackson and Lucy Brown from Oktibbeha County, Mississippi. Burial Unmarked at Strawfloor Cemetery in Jonesboro, AR. (Information taken from Jonesboro Sun, January 1899)

Note: (Some Ware researchers say that the obituary refers to Mary Kaiser Ware, the first wife of George Ware. However, that cannot be possible since he was married to Nannie (Mary J.) Skeits in 1896 and they are later listed in the Craighead County census for Monette, Arkansas in 1900. George Ware was living west of Jonesboro in 1899 so he is the brother that Horace and Bettie were visiting when Bettie died.)

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Bettye Brown Ware:

View Virtual Cemetery entries for Jackson and Lucy Brown. Both are buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery located in Oktibbeha County, Mississippi.

Jackson (J. M.) Brown:

Lucy M. Brown:

2. m. 19 April 1901 Vonnia Wyrick Cox ,b. 6 April 1879 d. 28 May 1915(Burial at Macey Cemetery in Monette, AR)

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Vonnia Wyrick Cox Ware:

3.m. 18 May 1918 Mrs. Mary A. Roe (They divorced on August 9, 1920 about one year before Horace died in 1921.)

Children with Elizabeth Brown:

------------------------------10-Henry Roscoe Ware (3 Jan 1895-10 Apr 1969 Buried at Oaklawn Cemetery in Jonesboro, AR) m. Ollie Viola Pearson (26 Oct 1898-26 Jun 1959 in Auto Accident. Buried next to her husband at the Oaklawn Cemetery in Jonesboro, AR.) on 19 Aug 1916 at the Craighead County Courthouse in Lake City, AR.

Note on Ollie Viola Pearson by Len Ware: Ollie Viola Pearson was the daughter of George Elmore Pearson and Rainey Alice Morris. She was a devout member of the Church of Christ. Consequently, her husband and most of her children were baptized into the church and many of their children worship in the Church of Christ to this day. I was only 2 years old when she died but her legacy of love and faith in God has influenced my life through the people that she touched and likewise all who knew her.

View Virtual Cemetery Entry for Henry R. Ware and Ollie Viola Ware:

View Virtual Cemetery Entries for all Wares buried in Craighead County, Arkansas:

Note: A few of the Wares listed here are not any relation to our family. If they aren't listed on this website, then they aren't any kin to us.


Front row left to right:
 Donald Webster, Noah Oliver, Rainey Alice, George Elmer, Orville Olen, Virgil David Abraham Second Row left to right:
Maudie Jane Blake, Alta Leona Robison, Ruth Rowlette, George Elmer or Elmore, Ollie Viola Ware, Altha Arizona Dillsaver, Elsie Elvina Fields.

Ollie Pearson Ware is standing in the back row, the third woman from the right side of the picture.

Ollie Viola Pearson Ware's Siblings were:

Ray Pearson (Born in 1900, died young)

Orville Pearson (never married)

View virtual cemetery entry for Orville O. Pearson

Elmer Pearson

View virtual cemetery entry for George Elmer Pearson:

Noah Pearson

View virtual cemetery entry for Noah O. Pearson:

Donald W. "Chief" Pearson. b. March 27, 1912 d. Dec. 24, 1995. He was married to Lillie Mangrum on Nov. 4, 1934.

View the Arkansas Gravestone Project photo of Don W. "Chief" Pearson and Lillie Mangrum Pearson's gravestone. It is in Jennie Cemetery located in Chicot County, Arkansas

Virgil Pearson (Buried in Caraway Cemetery @ Caraway, Arkansas)

Alta Pearson m. Joel H. Robison

View virtual cemetery entry for Alta Pearson Robison:

Elsie Pearson m. Columbus B. Fields

View virtual cemetery entry for Elsie Pearson Fields:

Altha Pearson m. Doc Dillsaver

View Altha Dillsaver's Virtual Cemetery entry:

Ruth Pearson m. Neilus Rowlett

Maudie Pearson m. Dewey Blake

View virtual cemetery entry for Maudie Pearson Blake:

Rainey Alice bore 2 more unknown children. The 1910 census of Cedar County Missouri indicated that she had bore 14 children.

Their father and mother were:

George Elmore Pearson b 23 Aug 1863 in Illinois d C1934 in Craighead Co. Arkansas
wife: Rainey Alice Morris Pearson b 11 Dec 1871 in Illinois or Missouri d C1933 in Craighead Co. Arkansas
Both buried at Cane Island Cemetery near Lake City, AR

View Virtual Cemetery entry for George and Alice Pearson:

Rainey Alice Morris's father:

Jesse Abraham Morris b C1847 in Tennessee
wife: Eunice Rebecca Jones b 27 May 1852 in Illinois d 3 July 1917
Both buried at Ainsworth Cemetery (Near Bolivar Cemetery) at Harrisburg, AR

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Jesse and Eunice Morris:

Information about Ainsworth Cemetery:

In the 1900 census Jesse and Eunice Morris and George and Alice Pearson lived neighbors in the Gasconade Township of Laclede County, Missouri.

In 1910 George E. Pearson and Rainey Alice lived in North Cedar Township in Cedar County, Missouri.

In 1920 they were living in Craighead County, Arkansas near Monette.

George Elmore Pearson's father:

David Dewey Pearson b April 1837 (1880 census indicates 1843, age 37) in Indiana d C1906 in Ozark Township, Texas Co. Missouri.

1st wife: Sally Ann Sweitzer b C1847 (1880 census indicates 1843, age 37) d ;June 1880

In 1880 David Dewey Pearson and Sallie Pearson were living in Cuivre Township in Audrain Co. Missouri. George E. age 17 is listed with brothers Charles, age 15, William age 7 and sister, Mary age 14. David Dewey's father is listed as being born in Virginia and his mother in Pennsylvania.

2nd wife: Pearline ? born in Kentucky (David D. and Pearline are listed in the 1900
census of Ozark Township, Texas Co. Missouri. They had been married for 10 years. They had two daughters: Julie born in 1894 and Hattie born in 1896. A step-daughter named Lelia ? Williams also lived in the household. In this census his age is listed as 65 indicating that he was born c April 1835.

David Dewey Pearson's father:

David Pearson b 1796 in Virginia d C1875
wife: Catherine Strowder b C1805 in Pennsylvania


Children of Henry Roscoe Ware continued:

-----------------------------------11-Auddie Byrl Ware (Maudie's Twin) (11 Jul 1920 Macey, AR-6 Apr 1981. Burial at Manila Cemetery in Manila, AR) m. Pauline Marie Perry (17 Jul 1926 Earle, AR-24 Feb. 2013). 3 Feb 1944.

Virtual Cemetery Memorial for Auddie Byrl Ware

WWII Honoree Memorial for Auddie Byrl Ware

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Pauline Perry Ware:

Notes from Len Ware:

Pauline Marie Perry was the daughter of Robert Grover Perry and Lena Ella Harris.

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Robert Grover Perry, Sr. and Lena Ella Harris Perry:

Robert Grover Perry was the son of William Grover Perry and Robert Lelia Allison.
Lena Ella Harris was the daughter of William Henry Harris and Addie Bishop.
Addie Bishop is buried in the Black Oak Cemetery in Black Oak, Arkansas.


William Grover Perry, Jr. was the son of William Grover Perry, Sr.

In the 1870 census of Fulton Co. Ky, William Grover Perry Sr's household included:

William G. Perry age 33 born in Tennessee (my great-great-grandfather Perry)
Margaret Perry age 24 born in Kentucky
Children listed:
Lucian Perry born 1863
Mary Ella Perry born 1865
William G. Perry born 1866 (my great-grandfather Perry)
Bettie N. Perry born 1867
Jennie Perry born 1869

In the 1880 census of Fulton Co. Ky, William G. Perry Sr's household included:
William G. Perry, Sr. age 42
Margaret Perry age 35
Lucian Perry age 16
William Perry age 14
Nettie Perry age infant
Fannie Perry age 13
Minnie Perry age 15
Jennie Perry age 12

There aren't any census records for 1890. However, in 1900 William G. Perry was listed in the Fulton County, Kentucky census as being widowed.


In the 1860 census of Fulton County, Kentucky, J. C. Allison and wife Margaret both age 45 were listed with their children:

J. G. Allison age 45 (my great-great-great-grandfather Allison)
Margaret Allison age 45
Davie A. Allison age 23
Samuel J. Allison age 21
Sarah Allison age 18
Robert Allison age 15 (my great-great-grandfather Allison)
Jeremiah Allison age 16
James Allison age 10
Margaret Allison age 11

Robert Allison married Mary Payne in 1867 at Fulton Co. Ky.

The 1880 census of Lake County, Tennessee in the Sasafras Ridge Community lists Robert age 35 and wife Mary age 34 along with their children:

Julia B. age 12
Lelia age 8 (my great-grandmother Perry)
Walter age 4
William age 2


Robert Lelia Allison married William G. Perry.
William G. Perry died on August 5, 1918 at the state hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. He had suffered a severe head trauma from being kicked in the head by a mule. He was buried in Little Rock, Arkansas.

View the Virtual Cemetery entry for William Grover Perry:

Robert Lelia Perry is buried in the Tyronza Cemetery at Tyronza, Arkansas.

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Robert Lelia Allison Perry:

(Note: Lelia Perry, Maggie Perry Coats and her husband, Mart Coats, are buried in Tyronza Cemetery at Tyronza, Arkansas. They share a triple monument with the main inscription "Coats ~ Perry". Maggie is buried in the middle and her mother, Lelia, is buried on the left side of her grave. Her husband, Mart Coats, is buried next to her on the right.

The children of W. G. and R. L. Perry were:
Lucian William  Perry ~ Pearl Wells

View virtual cemetery entry for Lucian William Perry. A link for Pearl Wells Perry and other Perry family members buried at Randolph Memorial Gardens appears on the left sidebar of the webpage:

Their children were:
Virginia Perry
Kathryn Perry
Bill Perry (Sonny Boy)

2. Robert Grover Perry ~ Lena Ella Harris

3. Maggie Perry ~ Mart Coats
(no children)
View Virtual Cemetery entry for Maggie Perry Coats:

Note: As a young girl, Maggie Perry became an invalid after an accidental gunshot wound. She remained bound to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. She was a devout Christian and spent many hours distributing bibles and Christian literature which she mailed from the post office at Tyronza, Arkansas. She was married to Mart Coats.

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Mart Coats:

The 1910 census of Randolph County, Arkansas lists W. G. Perry and wife R. L. Perry as living in the Jones Creek community with their children:

L. W. Perry age 19
R. G. Perry age 17 (my grandfather Perry)
Maggie Perry age 15

Robert Grover Perry married Lena Ella Harris:



Lena Ella Harris's father was William Henry Harris. He is buried in White Church Cemetery near Augusta , Arkansas.

Addie Bishop Harris is buried in the Black Oak Cemetery at Black Oak, Arkansas.

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Addie Bishop Harris:

The 1900 census of Woodruff County, Arkansas in the White River township, lists W. H. Harris and wife, Addie along with their children:

Allen B. Harris
Betie May Harris
Carrie S. Harris (Census says Cary is a male but that is incorrect, also Cary is spelled as Carrie. She died soon after giving birth to her daughter, Lena who was named after her youngest sister, Lena Ella Harris.)
Sammie Harris
Minnie Harris
Henry Harris
Mary Harris
Edward Harris
Lena Harris (my grandmother Perry)

Pauline Perry Ware's parents:

Lena Ella Harris married Robert Grover Perry,Sr.

They had the following children:

Robert Grover Perry Jr. m. Alice Glisson Tinsdale.
Jimmy Dale Perry
Mary Alice Perry

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Robert Grover Perry, Jr. and Alice Tinsdale Perry:

Lelia Imogene Perry m. Finis Powell.
Patsy Jean Powell
Jimmy Ray Powell

Berna Larie Perry died in infancy less than one year old. (Buried in Opposition Cemetery at Ravenden, Arkansas.)

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Berna Larie Perry:

Billy Wayne Perry m. Elnora Shrable.
Carol Lynn Perry
Patty Lynn Perry
Cindy Ella Perry

Maxine Kathleen Perry m. 1) Hershel Johnson 2) Don Rowley 3) Thomas Vessels 4) Junior Gann
Child with Hershel Johnson:
Danny Lee Johnson

View Virtual Cemetery Memorial for Maxine Perry Rowley:

Gerald Laverne Perry was killed during the Korean War 20 September 1951.
His body was recovered and interred in the Manila Cemetery at Manila, Arkansas on 15 March 1952.

His Service Record is as follows:

9th Infantry Regiment

2nd Infantry Division


Hostile, Died (KIA)

Date Of Loss: September 20, 1951

Service Number: RA18396414


Location of Loss: HEARTBREAK RIDGE

Born: February 19, 1932

Comments: Private First Class Perry was a member of the 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division. He was Killed in Action while fighting the enemy in North Korea on September 20, 1951. He attended elementary school at Sixteen Community and high school at Manila, Arkansas. He was known by his family and friends as "Rubber Joe."

Korean War Project Key No: 23289

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Gerald Laverne Perry:



Children of Henry Roscoe Ware continued:

Pauline Perry Ware began teaching in 1944 immediately after graduating from Manila High School in Manila, AR. She first taught in the Section 16 Rural School at Manila. While her husband was overseas she taught at Milligan Ridge School located south of Manila. At the age of 52 she received a BSE in Education from Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, AR. After her husband died in 1981 she retired.

Auddie Byrl Ware fought in France, Germany and Belgium during WWII. He was wounded in Belgium on January 4, 1945. He achieved the rank of Corporal. Medals received for his service include the European African Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon, Two Bronze Battle Stars, a Gold Purple Heart, the Combat Infantryman Badge and the Good Conduct Medal. He received an Honorable Discharge on February 21, 1946. He was a patient at Lawson General Army Hospital in Atlanta, GA at that time.

This is a picture of Byrl standing beside his "famous" car that he drove around the Milligan Ridge and Manila area. He never refused anyone a ride. With the seats full, his car was often seen with men standing on the running boards as he traveled into town.

Auddie was a member of the American Legion, Herman Davis Post #197, located in Manila, AR. Before moving to the Blackwater Community south of Manila in 1962, the family lived in the old Granny Davis house located near the Herman Davis State Park and Byrl was the caretaker of the park for many years. He and his wife, Polly, were advocates for veteran's widows and their children. They helped many families of veterans over the years that they served in this role.

When Byrl and Polly lived in the Mt. Pisgah Community located south of Jonesboro, AR, Byrl helped to build the County Line Church of Christ. The block building he helped build still stands and is used as the church fellowship hall. A new auditorium has been added to the original building. All of the water that was used to make the cement came from a spring located behind Byrl and Polly's house. The water was carried in buckets and jugs from the spring through their house and loaded onto Byrl's old blue Dodge pickup truck; then, it was hauled to the building site.

They left Mt. Pisgah and bought Lena Perry's house in Manila, Arkansas. In 1961 they moved 5 miles south of Manila to the Walter Caery homeplace.

This is a picture of the house in 1961:

Pauline continued to live here after Byrl's death in 1981 until her death in 2013. She lived alone
for 32 years.

Byrl was also a member of the Masons having been inducted into the Nettleton Masonic Lodge in Jonesboro, AR.

----------------------------------------12-Auddie Len Ware (25 Jan 1957 Womack Clinic, Manila, AR-Living) m. Deborah Taylor (17 Nov 1956-Living).

Deborah Taylor is the daughter of James Leon Taylor b.July 23, 1923 d. Nov. 15, 1997 and Berlie Louise May b.Aug. 3, 1924 d. Dec. 4, 1990. Married Sept. 20, 1941. Buried in Monette Memorial Cemetery at Monette, Arkansas.

Deborah Taylor's Siblings:

Unnamed son born 1953. Lived one day.
Lonnie Taylor m. Lavonda Downey
Norene Taylor m. Joe Sims
Karen Taylor m. Marvin Burrell

---------------------------------------------13-Christopher Ryan Ware (3 Oct 1977 St. Bernard's Hospital, Jonesboro, AR-Living)

m.1) Jeannie Kay Bailey - 2002. Divorced in 2009

m.2) Carrie Ann McGrew Jeffers.

Children with Carrie Ann Ware:

14-Evan Ryan Ware (7 May 2010, Baptist Hospital, Little Rock, AR. -Living)
14-Owen Taylor Ware (11 Dec. 2014), Baptist Hospital, Little Rock, AR-Living)

(Christopher Ryan Ware has a half brother named Chody James Sweeney, Sr.
Chody has a son, Chody James Sweeney, Jr.)

----------------------------------------12-Gayla Sue Ware (9 Aug 1946-Living) m. Daniel Lee Gilvin on 6 Sep 1966.
Daniel Lee Gilvin's parents were Milford Lee Gilvin b1914 d1958 and Laverne P. Shultz b.1916 d.1999. They are buried in the Zachary Taylor National Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky.

Note by Len Ware: Gayla Sue Ware was in the Women's Army Corps during the Vietnam era circa 1965-1966. She was an Army nurse. She met Daniel Lee Gilvin at Fort Dix, NJ. They were married on Sept 6, 1966 at Fort Dix. She worked as an RN until she had to retire due to health problems.

---------------------------------------------13-Daniel Lee Gilvin II (3 Aug 1969-11 June 2009 ) m. Clara Bradley on 3 Sep 1994. Divorced. Clara remarried to Jim Gray. They have two sons, Connor and James.

Virtual Cemetery Memorial for Danny Lee Gilvin:

--------------------------------------------------14-Noah Lee Gilvin (16 Nov 1996-Living).

-----------------------------------11-Maudie Myrl Ware (Auddie's Twin) (11 Jul 1920-21 Dec 1985, Buried in East Prairie, MO) m.5 Aug 1939 Alvin Davis d. 2008.

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Maudie Myrl Davis:

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Alvin Eugene Davis:

----------------------------------------12-Harold Eugene Davis. m. 1963 LaVera Rutherford
13-Kirk Davis b. 19 Feb. 1964, d. 13 Oct. 1991 in Auto Accident. Buried at Jonesboro Memorial Park Cemetery.

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Kirk Davis:

----------------------------------------12-Linda Kay Davis. m. Wally Kellems

-----------------------------------11-George Gordon Ware (22 Aug 1917-c7 Mar 1964 (All evidence supported the fact that he was murdered. Someone later confessed to Byrl Ware that he was indeed murdered.) Buried at Oaklawn Cemetery in Jonesboro, AR) m. Ruth Brown on 7 Feb 1940.

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Gordon Ware:

Note on George Gordon Ware’s death by Len Ware:

George Gordon Ware was first reported missing by his uncle, Virgil Pearson, on March 7, 1964. Gordon’s brother, Auddie Byrl Ware, never gave up searching for him for over nine months. Floodwaters on Hatchie Coon Island located near Rivervale, AR where Gordon lived hindered the search. Gordon’s skeletal remains were found in Dec of 1964. Byrl had him buried next to his mother, Ollie Ware, at Oaklawn Cemetery in Jonesboro, AR. When the remains were found the Sheriff told Byrl Ware that they would proceed with criminal proceedings and investigate Gordon’s obvious murder further if that was what he wanted. Byrl replied, “No Sir, that’s not what I want. All I ever wanted to do was to find my brother and to give him a proper burial. I felt I owed that much to my mother.” He added this comment, “I believe who ever did this will create their own prison in their mind and will suffer more from that than from being locked up.”

Several years later, a person who knew what had actually happened to Gordon came to Byrl and Polly's home and told Byrl that what he had suspected all along was what did indeed happen.

Before he spoke, Byrl told him that an apology wasn't necessary and that he already knew the truth, but the man insisted that he had to clear his conscience because he was going to die soon and he couldn't meet his maker without confessing his involvement in covering up the facts surrounding Gordon's death. Byrl politely listened to the man and then retired to his bedroom without comment.

----------------------------------------12-Audy Clay Ware. born 2 Jan. 1943, died 28 April 2012.
(Audy spelled his name several different ways during his lifetime)

View Virtual Cemetery Memorial for Auddy Clay Ware:

m.1) Dorothy "Dot" Virginia Gray circa 1965 (divorced?),

m.2) Wilma Jean ? Sept. 30, 1988

Children with Dorothy "Dot" Gray:

----------------------------------------13Audra Danielle Ware

----------------------------------------13Linda Fern Ware

----------------------------------------13Matthew Ware

----------------------------------------13Lynne Ware

----------------------------------------12-Georgia Ann Ware. b August 21, 1940 d. Dec. 22, 2014 at Anderson, MO

m.1) ? McGill
m.2) Sam Garcia (deceased)

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Georgia Ann Ware Garcia:

-----------------------------------11-Henry Roscoe, Jr. (10 Nov 1924-9 Mar 1995 Buried at Oaklawn Cemetery in Jonesboro, AR) m. Mary Magdalene Caery (14 Feb 1927-Living) on 9 Feb 1945.

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Henry R. Ware, Jr.

Notes on Henry Ware by Mary Ware:

Henry was stationed at Camp Chaffee, AR when they were married. He had previously been stationed at Buckley Field in Denver, CO. While stationed there, he became ill with rheumatic fever that resulted in an enlarged heart. He spent seven months in the Fort Logan Hospital. After being dismissed from the hospital he was told that he would be discharged and was sent to Fort Smith, AR. However, he was declared as essential to serve in the Army Military Police until his discharge on March 26, 1945. One of the medals that he received was the Good Conduct Medal.

Notes on Mary Caery Ware by Len Ware:

Mary Caery was the daughter of Monroe Caery. Her mother died when Mary was very young. She is reportedly buried in the Hornersrville, MO cemetery but no grave marker has ever been located. Mary Caery and Pauline Ware became acquainted with each other as young girls. They became best friends and later ended up married to brothers. Mary Ware has a brother, James Caery. Since she never had a sister of her own, she claims Pauline as her sister and Pauline feels the same way towards her. In 1941 Mary’s uncle, Walter Caery, built the house in the Blackwater Community next to the Floodway Levee that Auddie Byrl Ware and Pauline bought in 1962.

----------------------------------------12-Julia Ann Ware (5 Jul 1946-Living) m. Thomas Martin Scarborough, Jr. (5 Mar 1941-Living).

---------------------------------------------13-Thomas Martin Scarborough III (12 Jul 1965-Living) m. Kristine Bess Penington

--------------------------------------------------14-Kandyce Kristine Scarborough (3 Aug 1993).

--------------------------------------------------14-Thomas Kyle Scarborough (14 Apr 1995).

--------------------------------------------------14Casey Ryan Scarborough (24 Jan 1997).

---------------------------------------------13-Holly Catharine Scarborough (11 Nov 1971-Living) m. Larry Glenn Huling.

--------------------------------------------------14-Hannah Catharine Huling (26 Sep 1995).

--------------------------------------------------14-Ashton Kaye Huling (2 Sep 1998).

----------------------------------------12-Ruth Viola Ware (30 Nov 1949-Living)
m.1) Seymour Junior Johnson (6 Nov 1948-Living) on 22 Jun 1968. Marriage ended in Divorce.
m.2) Chris ? divorced
m.3) Fred Spandorf in Nov. 2008.
----------------------------------------------13-Stacy Caery Johnson (12 Mar 1971).

---------------------------------------------------14-Marina Caery Johnson (4 Aug 1993).

---------------------------------------------------14-Ruby Caery Johnson (26 Jul 1996).

----------------------------------------------13-Jill Nicole Johnson (11 May 1973).

---------------------------------------------------14-Kristian David Fowler (23 Apr 1994).

----------------------------------------12-Dwight Bruce Ware (20 Oct 1961-Living)
m.1) Kathy Lynn Kendall (19 May 1967-Living) on 14 Apr 1986. Divorced in 2008.
m.2) Charlene ? in 2008.

----------------------------------------------13-Travis Austin Ware (24 Feb 1987).

----------------------------------------------13-Kailee Elizabeth Ware (30 Dec 1990).

-----------------------------------11-Leighton Ferrell Ware (20 Jan 1929- 22 April 1989. Buried in Houston TX) m. Roberta Puckett on 12 Oct 1951 at Jonesboro, AR.

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Leighton F. Ware:

Vernon Copeland posted this picture on his website of Leighton and himself while they were in Korea:

Photo from Vernon Copeland at the following website:

----------------------------------------12 Leighton Eugene Ware.b. May 29, 1952 d. Aug. 24, 2014
View Virtual Cemetery entry for Leighton Eugene Ware:

----------------------------------------12-Jacqueline Ware.

----------------------------------------12-Mona (Dona's Twin) Ware.

----------------------------------------12-Dona Ware b. 26 Sept. 1957 d. 31 Oct. 2006 Married Alan Weston. They had a son, Marc Alan Weston.

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Dona Carol Ware Weston:

----------------------------------------12-Ginger Denise Ware b. 13 Dec. 1963 d. 17 Aug. 2014

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Ginger Denise Ware:

 Her memorial service can be viewed at the following link:

-----------------------------------11-Frankie Alice Ware b.16 Jun 1927 d.30 Oct. 2008) m. 2 Sept. 1944 Charles McDole b.13 Jan. 1924 d. 23 Feb. 2001. Buried at Pine Log Cemetery in Jonesboro, AR. (Frankie's middle name was probably after her grandmother, Rainey Alice Morris Pearson)

View Virtual Cemetery memorial for Charles and Frankie McDole

----------------------------------------12-Alice Ferrell McDole (1946-Living) m. Jim Baugh on 5 Mar 1965.

----------------------------------------13-Bradley Shea Baugh (7 Jun 1971) m. Rhonda Kay Hathcoat on 16 Jun 1989.

----------------------------------------14-Cody Aaron Baugh.

----------------------------------------14-Tyler Shea Baugh.

----------------------------------------12-Nancy McDole.
m.1) Rick Maxwell. (divorced)
m.2)Tim Montgomery (divorced)
m.3) Jim Tolewitzke on 28 May 2011

---------------------------------------13-Brandon Maxwell

---------------------------------------13-Alec Maxwell

---------------------------------------13-Andrea Montgomery

---------------------------------------12-Cheryl McDole. m. Ron Bramlett

---------------------------------------13-Joshua Bramlett

---------------------------------------13-Jeffrey Bramlett

---------------------------------------12-Charlene McDole day old infant. Buried in Manila Cemetery at Manila, Arkansas.


Henry Horace Ware's children continued:

------------------------------10-Homer Oliver Ware (b 6 Oct. 1897- d 21 June 1963 Buried in Desert Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery at Yuma, AZ)

View virtual cemetery entry for Homer Ware:

The following is a picture of Homer Oliver Ware (left) and Henry Roscoe Ware (right)

m. 1) Gladys Peters on Jan. 3, 1920 at Knoxville, TN.(License #11, Book 15, Page 015). Divorced, unknown.

Gladys Ware filed for divorce from Homer Ware  in Knox County Circuit Court #4 on Sept. 25, 1937.  The divorce was granted on Nov. 16, 1937.

She married James R. Cruze on
December 30, 1937 at Anderson, Tennessee.   She is buried next to him in the Knoxville National Cemetery.

m. 2) Vada Shaver b. Dec. 8, 1915 d.24 Jan. 1993 (Buried in Desert Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, but in a different section than Homer.) Homeer and Vada were married on Aug. 24, 1939 at Cardwell, Missouri.

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Vada Shaver Ware:

Notes on Homer Ware by Len Ware:

Gladys Peters was the daughter of W. P. Peters, a Presbyterian Preacher, and was used to living in the city of Knoxville, Tennessee. Homer Ware was unable to provide her with the lifestyle that she was accustomed to living. They came to Arkansas and lived briefly with Roscoe and Ollie Ware and other relatives. Homer tried to please her but she was too much of a lady for farm life so she took their three children back to Knoxville, TN and told Homer that she was going to stay there. After several years alone and no contact with Gladys, Homer married Vada (Vadie) Shaver.

Homer and Vada moved to Yuma, AZ. He died there 21 June 1963 and Vada died 25 Jan 1993. Both are buried in Desert Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery at Yuma, AZ. However, Vada and Billie are in a different section of the cemetery.

Shortly after Homer Ware’s death his son, Bobby Dan Ware, came to visit Monette looking for his father. Because he had promised Vada, Byrl Ware explained to him that he was deceased but did not reveal where Homer and Vada were living at that time. Byrl gave him some money and sent him on his way. Neither he, nor his two sisters have ever contacted the family again.

In 2014, I discovered the following information and shared it on my Facebook page:
I found out that Gladys Peters Ware remarried between the time that she left Uncle Homer (1930-1940) to a man named Haynes.
The girls took his last name of Haynes.(This surely hurt Uncle Homer if he was aware of it! ) They are all enumerated in the 1940 census of Knox Co. TN.
Gladys died in 1950 and is buried in the National Cemetery at Knoxville next to her 3rd husband, James Cruze.
Bobbie Dan Ware died in 1984. He is buried in the Brookwalter Cemetery in north Knoxville, TN. I cross checked the birthdate with his WWII enlistment papers. He is the same person.
Lorelia Agnes Ware Bowden died in 2011.
Betty Ware McMurray died in 1969.

This is Bobbie Dan Ware's Find-A-Grave memorial:

This is Lorelia Agnes Ware Bowden's Find a Grave memorial:

The following is Lorelia's obituary:

Bowden, Lorelia Agnes Ware, age 88, of Knoxville, went home to be with Jesus on February 12, 2011. She is preceded in death by her husband, Harold Bowden; son, Tim McMurray; brother, Bob Ware; sister, Betty McMurray. She is survived by her sons and daughters-in-law, Sonny McMurray of Claxton, Gene and Sandy McMurray of Knoxville, Bobby and Charlotte McMurray of Claxton; grandchildren, Regina and husband Zach, Holly, Timmy, Kimberly, Travis, Michael and wife Amanda, Matthew; great-grandchildren, Steven, Bailee, Breanna, Emma Grace and Riley Ann. Family will receive friends from 6-8 pm. Tuesday, February 15, 2011, at Woodhaven Funeral Home Chapel. Graveside Service will be held at 11:00 am, Wednesday, February 16, 2011, at Lynnhurst Cemetery, Knoxville. To share your thoughts and memories, go to Woodhaven Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens, 160 Edgemoor Road, Claxton, is honored to server the Family of Mrs. Bowden.

This is Betty Ware McMurray's Find a Grave memorial:

This is Gladys Peters Ware Cruze's Find-A-Grave memorial:

The following information about Homer and Vada Ware's family was provided by their daughter, Gracie Allen Ware Compton:

Homer Oliver Ware (b. 06 Oct 1897 Tennessee-d. June 21 1963 Buried Desert Lawn Memorial Park, Yuma, Yuma Co, AZ

m. 1) Gladys Peters (b. 1904 Virginia) at Knoxville, TN. Divorced.

m. 2) Vada Mae Shaver 24 Aug 1939 Caldwell, Missouri (b. 08 Dec 1915 Izard Co, Arkansas -d. 24 Jan. 1993 Buried Desert Lawn Memorial Park, Yuma, Yuma Co, AZ

Children with Gladys Peters:

.....................11.(1) Bobbie Dan Ware.b c1922

.....................11.(2) Lorelia Ware. b c1923

.....................11.(3) Bettie Ware. b c1925

(Note: Homer’s daughter Gracie remembers Bobby Dan Ware coming to the farm when she was a little girl. She was told that he had come to break up the family, and he was never heard from again).

Children with Vada Shaver:

.....................11.(4) Gracie Allen Ware (b. 15 Jan 1941 Milligan Ridge, Craighead Co, Arkansas –d. Still living)

m. 1) Jim Goforth 19 Oct 1957 Yuma, Yuma Co, AZ (b.? – d. 03 Sept 1963) lived in Santa Anna and San Isidro CA. Worked at the dog track and was in the Air Force. Gracie was in labor in the same hospital where Jim was admitted for cancer (at the same time as his treatment).

m. 2) Eskel Compton May 8th 1964, 6th Ave Yuma, AZ (b. Feb 21 1921 Madill, Oklahoma – d. Aug 20, 2006 Copper Hills House, Yuma, Yuma Co, AZ, Buried Desert Lawn Memorial Park, Yuma, Yuma Co, AZ)

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Eskel Compton:

Children with Jim Goforth:

Shayne R. Goforth Compton (b. Sept 27 1958 Santa Anna, California-)

m.2) Barbara Gruss (b. October 14) April 14th 1991, Hawaii

Sydney Grace (b. August 14, 1997)

Layne Frances (b. August 14, 1997)

Note: Sydney and Layne are fraternal twins.

Kimberly Renee Goforth Compton (b. April 28, 1960 Yuma, AZ)

m.1) Davey Lavelle Smith Jr (b. November 2, unk)

Davey Lavelle Smith III (b. April 27 1980)

m.1) Melissa Dinsmore June 14 2009 Yuma, Yuma Co, AZ

Cherish Danielle Smith (b. Jan 3, unk)

m.1) Danny Whitehead (left at hospital by mom, raised by grandparents)

Kari Whitehead (from Danny’s previous relationship)

Kahliel Whitehead (May 30, 2004)

Cody Whitehead (June 12, 2005)

Maliachi Whitehead (Dec 22, 2007)

Stacie Anne Goforth Compton (b. March 19, 1962 National City, Ca)

m.1) Rick Frye (Oregon)

m.2) Dennis Destefeno

Children with Rick Frye:

Ricky Frederick Frye (b. February 5, 1984)

Meghan Grace Frye (b. February 5, 1984)

m.1) Allan Arredondon July 8, 2006

Graysen Arredondo (b. May 4 2009)

Jamie Karen Goforth Compton (b. Aug 6, 1963 UCLA Los Angeles)

Note: Jamie is the daughter born while her father was dying.

Jesseca Pennoyer (b. Jan 6 , 1988)

Jacqueline Pennoyer (b. Jan 18, 1992)

Julia Rose Pennoyer (b. Feb 28, 1993)

Children with Eskel Compton:

Note: Eskel legally adopted all of Gracie’s children with Jim Goforth.

Brian Loyd Compton (b. Feb 24 1968, Phoenix AZ)

m.1) Kala Jane Rodney (b. May 5) Yuma, AZ Nov 7th either 1993 or 1994 Preberaterian church 7th st and 7th ave, Yuma, Yuma Co, AZ

Zachary Taylor Compton (b. March 13, 1997)

Katherine May Compton "Katie" (b. April 24, 2000)

Annie Gwen Compton (b. sept 28, 2001)

.....................11.(5) Bonnie Sue Ware (b. 20 Sep 1942 Monette, Craighead Co, Arkansas – d.

m.1) Atwin L. King 06 Sep 1958 Yuma, Yuma Co, AZ (b. Nov 25 1939)– d.
Retired from Pacific Gas and Electric, California.

Children with Atwin King:

Rhonda Kay King (b. 19 March) CA

m.1) Deaton

Nicole Deaton

Allen King (b. Oct 31) CA

Cindy King (b. Aug 30 1962) CA

....................11.(6) Billy Joe Ware (b. 05 Aug 1944 Monette, Craighead Co, Arkansas – d. 06 Oct 1981 Yuma,
Yuma Co, AZ Buried Desert Lawn Memorial Park, Yuma, Yuma Co, AZ).

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Billy Joe Ware:

m. Patricia Ramsey

Children with Patricia Ramsey:

Gary Ware

Jodi Ware (b. oct 30)

Russell Reeder


William Ware “Winky” (b. June 2)

Heather Foster


Unk Girl

........................11.(7) Jimmie Oliver Ware (b. 29 May 1946 Monette, Craighead Co, Arkansas – d. Still living)

m. 1) Loretta divorced, no children

m. 2) Jeanine Rene Wunn 20 Jan 1973 Chapel of the Bells, Las Vegas, Nevada (b. 03 Mar 1949 Gilman, Marshall Co, Iowa – d. Still living) divorced Jan 1988

m. 3) Susan Stevens 19 Mar 1993 Yuma, Yuma Co, AZ (b. 17 Aug 1949 – d. Still living)

Children with Jeanine Wunn:

Cheri Kay Ware (b. 30 Jan 1974 Yuma, Yuma Co, AZ – d. Still living)

m. 1) Michael Rivera divorced

m. 2) Justin Skibitsky 14 Oct 1997 Yuma, Yuma Co, AZ (b. 27 Dec 1974-d.
Still Living) divorced.

Child with Justin Skibitsky:

Emily Grace Skibitsky (b. 15 Feb 2001 Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk
Co, England)

Child with relationship (no marriage) with Robert Roy Rosas (b. 30 Sept
1966 – d. Still Living)

Raegan Rose Rosas (b. 28 Sept 2004 Yuma, Yuma Co, AZ ).

James Tyler Ware (b. 25 Sept 1976 Yuma, Yuma Co, AZ – d. Still Living)

Loni Ann Ware (b. 19 Mar 1980 Yuma, Yuma Co, AZ – d. Still Living)

m. 1) James Melford Bodine 26 Aug 2000 (b. 06 Aug 1980-d. Still Living)
divorced Aug 2007

m. 2) Caleb Evan Stuart 02 Oct 2010 (b. 09 July 1979 Fort Smith,
Arkansas– d. Still Living)

Children with James Bodine:

Laney Rene Bodine (b. 19 Sep 2002 Yuma, Yuma Co, AZ)

Brett Avery Bodine (b. 22 Oct 2003 Yuma, Yuma Co, AZ)

.....................11. (8) Barbara Ann Ware (b. 10 May 1950 Monette, Craighead Co, Arkansas – d. Still Living)

m. 1) Benny Smith (divorced).

m. 2) Jeff Sims (b. )26 Mar 1968 Yuma, Yuma Co, AZ

Child with Ben Smith:

Lori Ann Smith Sims (b. april 7)

Jerry Nakasawa



Children with Jeff Sims:

Connie Sims

Kari Sims (Sept 7)

Child independent to Vada Shaver:

.............................11.(9)Lola Mae Shaver (Vada's daughter who was adopted by Homer Ware. b. 26 Oct 1934 Monette, Craighead Co, Arkansas- d. 16 Jan 1970 Yuma, Yuma Co, AZ Buried Desert Lawn Memorial Park, Yuma, Yuma Co, AZ)

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Lola Mae Ware Hodge:

m. Jack Hodge 15 Dec 1958 Yuma, Yuma Co, AZ (b. – d. Buried Desert Lawn Memorial
Park, Yuma, Yuma Co, AZ

Note on Lola Mae:

It was said that when Lola died, she had an old woman’s heart as she was morbidly obese for most of her life. Lola also played a big part in the raising of all of Homer and Vada’s children.


Henry Horace Ware's children continued:

------------------------------10-(Daughter) Johnnie Weldon Ware (10 Sep 1888-31 Mar 1965 Buried at Oaklawn Cemetery, Jonesboro, AR) m. Aden Johnson (Buried at Oaklawn Cemetery, Jonesboro, AR)

View the Virtual Cemetery entry for Johnnie Weldon Ware Johnson:

-----------------------------------11-Aden Johnson, Jr.

-----------------------------------11-Mary Lee Johnson.

-----------------------------------11-Lola Mae Johnson.

-----------------------------------11-Mildred Johnson.

-----------------------------------11-Helen Johnson.

-----------------------------------11-Bettie Johnson m. Nathan Pack.

------------------------------10-Lillie Mae Ware m.1900 Irenus M. Hammack. I. M. had been widowed and left with three children: Jessie M. Hammack, Leslie R. Hammack and Hallie A. Hammack.

The 1910 census of Craighead Co., Monette, Arkansas listed Lillie Mae age 29 and I. M. Hammack age 41 with the following children:

Step-son Jessie M. Hammack age 18
Step-son Leslie R. Hammack age 16
Step-son Hallie A. Hammack age 14

Children with Lillie Mae:

11. Mary A. Hammack age 9
11. Margie L. Hammack age 7
11. William T. Hammack age 5
11. Lucy V. Hammack age 2

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Lillie Mae Ware Hammack Ellis


Horace Ware continued:

Children with Vonnia Wyrick Cox:

-------------------------------10-Mary Ellen Ware(b. 13 April 1907 d. 29 March 1993, buried in Monette Cemetery)

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Mary Ware Lewis:

m. 1) Arthur Crismore 12 Nov. 1927
m. 2) Roscoe Howerton 27 July 1936
m. 3) John Lewis 10 August 1942

Children with Roscoe Howerton:

-----------------------------------------11-Patsy Ware Howerton m Loran Haney. Divorced.

-----------------------------------------12-Crystal Ellen Haney m. Stan Sexton (Killed in Automobile Accident).

-----------------------------------------13-Sydney Sexton.

-------------------------------10-William Delano Ware (15 May 1909-15 Jan 2002 buried at Macey Cemetery)
m.1) 30 Nov. 1929 Leona Bronaugh (Deceased)

View Virtual Cemetery entry for W. D. Ware and Leona Ware:

m.2) Marie Elrod (Deceased)

Notes on Mary Lewis and W. D. Ware by Len Ware:

When Horace Ware died in 1921 Mary and Bill were only 11 and 13. Relatives in Monette were going to send them on the “Orphan Train” to either live in an orphanage or to be adopted. When Henry Roscoe Ware, Sr., their half brother, heard what the relatives intended to do he raced his team from Lake City, AR to Monette, AR. He arrived just in time to ask Bill and Mary to live with him and his wife, Ollie. Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill Ware were considered so much like children of Roscoe and Ollie that when Auddie Byrl Ware died in 1981 it was his specific request to list them as immediate survivors in his obituary. We listed them along with his brothers and sisters.

Uncle Bill pretty much raised himself. As a young man he used to “ride the rails”. On one occasion he was hopping a train and a railroad employee hit him in the forehead with something probably like a tire iron. As a result, he had a permanent crease in his forehead. He was lucky to survive. I grew up hearing this story but his daughter did not know about it until the day of her father’s funeral when Bill’s cousin, G. F. Stewart, relayed it to her.

Oral family history tells of an amusing incident involving Uncle Bill Ware and Byrl when they were growing up together. They were especially close. They stumbled upon some moonshiners in the woods. The men were afraid that the boys might reveal the location of their still so they were going to kill them and dump their bodies into the river to look as though they had drowned. Before any harm could come to them Virgil Pearson, brother of Ollie Viola Ware, walked upon the scene and told the men that they were his nephew and his brother-in-law’s half brother. Virgil made the boys drink lots of whiskey until they passed out and then took them home in his wagon. The next morning was Sunday and Ollie found them passed out drunk on the porch.

Children with Leona Bronaugh:

------------------------------------11-Louise Ware
m.1) Gene Benton (Deceased)

m.2)Paul Baker.

------------------------------------12-Kenneth Allen Benton.

------------------------------------12-Jeffrey Ware Benton.


Absalom and Drucilla Ware's children continued:

-------------------------9-Charles Thomas Ware (b.1853-d.? Buried at Oaklawn Cemetery, Jonesboro, AR) m. Kathryn Moran (6 Jun 1856-Buried at Oaklawn Cemetery, Jonesboro, AR)

Note on “Aunt Kate” by Len Ware: The Jonesboro Sun Times had Kate Ware’s obituary on the top of the front page with the headline, “Jonesboro’s Most Beloved Matron Succumbs”. It stated that she had taught piano lessons in her home to many students over the years.

-------------------------------10-Charles Ware.

-------------------------------10-Francis Ware.

-------------------------------10-Katy Ware.

-------------------------------10-Horace Ware AKA “Little Horace Ware”.

-------------------------------10-Lista Ware.

-------------------------------10-Annie Ware.

-------------------------------10-Olive Ware.

-------------------------------10-Bess Ware.

-------------------------------10-Nelly Ware.

-------------------------------10-Edward A. Ware. married Mae Lashbrook

-------------------------9-William Ware (b.1858 d.?) A Wm. Ware age 2 is listed in the household of Absalom and Drucilla Ware in the 1860 census of McMinnville, TN. However, in the 1870 census of Tuscaloosa, AL there is not a William Ware age 12. Charles is listed as the first child, age 17, Horace age 11 George (T? Probably a mistake meant to be George W.)age 9 and Laythan (Leighton) age 4. So I infer that Absalom and Drucilla had a son named William born in 1858 in McMinnville who died after 1860 and before 1870.

-------------------------9-Leighton Ferrell Ware (20 Apr 1866)-12 Nov 1955) m. Amma Ward (27 Oct 1869-2 Dec 1963).

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Leighton and Amma Ware:

-------------------------9- Roscoe R. Ware b. 1872(Died in Mississippi at a young age).*Note: Roscoe R. Ware is listed as a son of Absalom and Drucilla Ware in the 1880 census of Prentiss Co. Mississippi. No further record exists of him after that date. I infer that he died after 1880 and before 1900 because he is not listed in either the Mississippi or in the Arkansas census for 1900. There are not any census records for 1890 because they were destroyed in a fire.

-------------------------9-George Washington Ware (2 Nov 1860-18 May 1926 Buried at Strawfloor Cemetery at Jonesboro, AR)

*Note: His direct descendants through the Harrell, Steele and Stewart lineage say that his middle name was William instead of Washington. They also say that he had a son named William Carroll Ware born in April 1881, died 19 August 1897 in Jonesboro, Arkansas and is buried at Strawfloor Cemetery. He had a daughter named Varker Ware. Since he was born in 1881 and died before 1900, he is not listed in any census reports. His birth and death are documented by family documentation only. A Varker Ware is listed as George W. Ware's granddaughter in his obituary so it is more than likely accurate information.

Visit the Hixon-Steele website:

View Virtual Cemetery entry for George W. Ware:

m.1) Mary Kaiser. She died circa 1895 in Craighead Co. Arkansas. George and Mary are listed as living in the household of C. T. and Kate Ware in Prentiss Co. Mississippi in 1880.
Mary's birthplace is listed as Mississippi.

m.2) Nannie Skeits 1896 Marriage information taken from Craighead Co. Marriage records. Nannie died 14 April 1930, burial at Strawfloor Cemetery in Jonesboro, AR unmarked next to husband, George Ware. Death and burial information taken from Jonesboro Sun.

Mary J. Ware is listed along with Geo. W. Ware in the 1900 census of Craighead Co. Arkansas. Her birthplace is listed as Arkansas. It says that she has had two children and only one living in 1900. Beulah, Laura and Elizabeth are also listed. However, it says that George and Mary have been married for 20 years. This can not be accurate.

Nannie Ware is listed along with George W. Ware in the 1910 census of Craighead Co. Arkansas. Her birthplace is listed as Arkansas. It says that she has had three children and only one living in 1910. Therefore, between 1900 and 1910 George W. Ware and Nannie (Mary J.) Ware had a child that was either stillborn or that died in infancy. The Hixon-Steele website:

written by George Hixon lists a Cora Ware born 11 May 1897and died Nov. 1898. This daughter is probably Nannie and George's daughter.

Notes on George Washington Ware by Len Ware: George Washington Ware moved to NE Arkansas circa 1886. His obituary stated that he was a charter member of the First Christian Church located on Main Street in Jonesboro, AR.

-------------------------------10-William Carroll Ware.

-------------------------------10-Beulah Vesta Ware (15 Aug 1883-17 Mar 1970 Buried at Sunset Memorial Park, West Helena, AR) m. Roscoe Conklin Steele on 23 Oct 1904.
They were divorced on 10 Feb. 1934

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Beulah Vesta Ware Steele:

------------------------------------11-Jim Steele.

------------------------------------11-Violet Lee Steele.

------------------------------------11-Jewel Fern Steele.

------------------------------------11-Bonnie Laura Steele.

------------------------------------11-Ruby Clarice Steele.

-------------------------------10-Lizzie Lou Ware (5 Apr 1886 Starksville, MS-27 Mar 1963 Buried at Macey Cemetery, Monette, AR) m. 20 Dec. 1903 William Audie "Aud" Stewart (5 Feb 1883- 5 May 1965 Buried at Macey Cemetery, Monette, AR).

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Lizzie Stewart:

View all Stewarts buried at Macey Cemetery:

------------------------------------11-Homer Stewart.

------------------------------------11-Patty Stewart.

------------------------------------11-Beulah Stewart.

------------------------------------11-G.F. Stewart.

------------------------------------11-Ralph Stewart.

------------------------------------11-Iva Lee Stewart.

------------------------------------11-Audie Stewart.

------------------------------------11-Revis Stewart.

------------------------------------11-Orvalle Stewart.

------------------------------------11-Lorene Stewart.

------------------------------------11-Latrell Stewart.

-------------------------------10-Laura Drucilla Ware (22 Feb. 1889-11 Dec. 1963 Buried at Strawfloor Cemetery, Jonesboro, AR) m. Thomas Harrell (Buried at Strawfloor Cemetery, Jonesboro, AR)

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Laura Drucilla Ware Harrell:

------------------------------------11-Earl Harrell.

------------------------------------11-Fred Harrell.

------------------------------------11-Jimmy Harrell.

------------------------------------11-Lina Harrell.

------------------------------------11-Eunita Harrell.

------------------------------------11-Hazel Harrell.

------------------------------------11-Lois Harrell.

------------------------------------11-Carl Harrell

-------------------------------10-Cora Ware (11 May 1897-Nov 1898).


SPECULATION ONLY (Some websites list this information concerning another marriage for Wiley Ware between his marriage to Mary Clark and Letty Argo):

A Wiley Ware is known to have married Fanny R. Caruthers at Fayeteville, Tennessee on 3 July 1838. However, I do no know if it was Roland Ware's son, Wiley.

One really interesting fact is that Fanny Caruthers was the Great-great Grandmother of one of our neighbors, Mrs. Garrard Caudill. In fact, her mother's middle name was Ware. I did not know this until she died and I read her obituary. When I asked her daughter why they never mentioned anything about being related to some Wares, she replied, "Well Len, our Ware family wouldn't be any relation to your family because they came from Tennessee!" There is irony in that statement. I may never know if in fact the Wiley Ware that married Fanny Caruthers was my GGGreat-grandfather. He didn't leave much of a paper trail as was the case with a lot of my Ware relatives.

Children with Fanny R. Caruthers:

--------------------8-Samuel Caruthers Ware (1841-Killed at the Battle of Peach Tree (Shiloh) , Hardin County, TN during the Civil War).

--------------------8-John Polk Ware (1842-Reportedly Killed at the Battle of Peach Tree, (Shiloh)Hardin County, TN during the Civil War). Note: (J. P Ware is buried in Vicksburg National Cemetery, Vicksburg Mississippi. His date of death is listed as 16 July 1863. He was a CPL in Co G 25th MO Inf. The burial plot # is Plot G 5608.)

View Virtual Cemetery entry for John Polk Ware:

Children with Letty Argo:

--------------------8-Vesta Ware b. 1854 d. ? (m. Robert Calhoun Martin 24 April 1873)

--------------------8-Sarah "Sally" Ware. b. 1856 d. ? m. Morton Keele May 17, 1894


Roland and Temperance Ware's children continued:

-------------7-Sarah Ware (Susan's Twin) m. Ezekiel McGregor.
View Virtual Cemetery entry for Sarah Ware McGregor:

-------------7-Susan Ware (Sarah's Twin) m. Willis McGregor.
View Virtual Cemetery entry for Susan Ware McGregor:

View all McGregors buried at Smyrna Churchyard Cemetery:

-------------7-Allen Ware (15 Mar 1800 Montgomery Co. NC-26 Feb 1885 McMinn Co. TN (Buried at South Liberty Cemetery, Athens, TN near Roland) m. Ruth Dodson d/o Rev. Dodson, a Methodist Minister, and Ruth.

View Virtual Cemetery entry for Allen Ware:

--------------------8-Joseph Ware

--------------------8-Merrit Rowland Ware (4 Aug 1820-1906 Vernon, TX).

--------------------8-Jesse Allen Ware (23 Jun 1822 McMinn Co. TN-17 Oct 1906 Dallas, TX).

--------------------8-Polly Ann Ware (22 Sep 1824 McMinn Co. TN-c1847).

--------------------8-Nancy Ruth Ware (1 Nov 1826 McMinn Co. TN-17 Oct 1879 Bradley Co. TN. Buried at Bethel Methodist Cemetery).

--------------------8-William Jay Ware (22 Feb 1829 McMinn Co. TN-8 Dec 1904 buried at New Zion Baptist church Cemetery).

--------------------8-Tempy P. Ware (22 Mar 1831-Died as an Infant).

--------------------8-Sarah Jane Ware (9 Jan 1833).

--------------------8-Macksey "Maxie" Elizabeth Ware (12 Jun 1835-<1885 Benton Co. AR).

--------------------8-Jasper N. Ware (8 Oct 1837-21 Aug 1885 Benton Co. AR).

--------------------8-Eliza Tourni Cuma Ware (5 May 1840).

--------------------8-Martha E. Ware (31 Dec 1842).

--------------------8-John Roland Ware (3 Aug 1844-16 Jan 1904. Buried at Liberty Cemetery, Athens,

John Roland Ware's son, Walter Ware, was the father of WWII war hero, Charles Rollins Ware, after whom the USS Charles R. Ware was named.
Read more about Charles R. Ware at this website:

This is the memorial located in Athens, TN that is dedicated to Charles R. Ware:

View Charles R. Ware's virtual cemetery entry:

--------7-Isom Ware b 1793 d Dec 25, 1885 m Martha Norton

Children of Isom Ware and Martha Norton:

Elizabeth Ware b 1822
Allen Ware b 1824
Delonamus Ware b 1830 aka Adelonamus or A. D. He never married and lived with his brother William Washington Ware.
William Washington Ware b 1836. He married Catherine Argo (She was the step-daughter of his uncle, Wiley Ware with wife Letty Argo.)

William Washington Ware and Mary Catherine Ware were listed as early members of the Smyrna Church of Christ.

William was listed as a deacon and later as an elder in a book on the church's history entitled, The First 100 Years of the Smyrna Church of Christ by Lowell Turner. Letty Ware, Wiley's wife, was listed as a charter member in 1857. A William Ware is also listed buit I do not know if it is Wiley Ware. Wiley Ware's mother, Temperance Ware, is buried in Smyrna Church Cemetery next to her son, Isom.

Mary Ware b Aug 19, 1840 d Aug 17, 1877 married Lawson Martin d Feb 10, 1924

---------7-Hampton Price Ware (Note by Len Ware: I have never seen Hampton Price Ware listed as being one of Roland and Temperance Ware's children. Allen Ware's son, Merrit Rowland Ware had a son named, Hamilton Price Ware who was born in 1844).

Also note that several other websites that list the children of Roland and Temperance Ware have a Joseph T. Ware born c 1804 as being their son.

Roland Ware is known to have lived in Warren County Tennessee as early as 1808. A Hampton Price Ware and a Joseph Ware are not listed in the census records of Warren County, TN in later years. However, there is a Joseph Ware listed in the 1820 census for Wilson County, TN.

The following website from the Caswell County Historical Association has this information about Joseph T. Ware who married Susan Chandler in 1832:

More detailed information about this Ware family from Caswell County North Carolina is also listed:


Thomas Ware's children continued:

-----------6-Sarah Ware (Sister of Roland Ware) (25 Dec 1765 Brunswick Co. VA-After 29 Aug 1850 Meriwether Co., GA) m. William Morgan s/o Luke Morgan and Mary Eccles on 6 Jun 1792 in Wilkes Co. GA.

Notes for Sarah Ware:

Sally Ware Morgan named one of her sons Roland, likely after her brother, since this name was not a Morgan name, and was not repeated in later generations.

Notes for William Morgan:

William Morgan served in the Revolution. He is listed in the DAR's "patriot Index" He received land in the 1827 Lottery.

-------------7-Henry C. Morgan (28 Oct 1792) m. Susannah B.

-------------7-Roland Morgan (25 Dec 1794-22 Aug 1795)

-------------7-Susannah Morgan (29 Mar 1796) m. John H. Walthall on 5 Oct 1820.

-------------7-Incy Morgan (16 Dec 1798-23 Mar 1814)

-------------7-William Morgan, Jr. (8 Apr 1803) m. Henrietta Bridges on 22 Nov 1827.

-------------7-Hiram F. Morgan (8 Apr 1806 Now Meriwether, then Troup County, GA-14 Mar 1856) m. Elizabeth Haisten on 22 Jan 1826 in Fayette Co. GA.

-------------7-Eihu Morgan (28 Mar 1809-5 Oct 1813).

-------------7-Asa Morgan (8 Oct 1811-25 Oct 1812).

--------5-John (?) Ware  
-----------6-Three Unidentified Cousins in the Brunswick Co. VA area while Peter Ware was there.  
-----------6-Mary "Molly/Mollie" Ware (-13 May 1814 Stewart, TN) m. Major John Randle (c1745 Brunswick Co. VA-8 May 1821 Stewart, TN) c1770 probably in Brunswick Co. VA. On 28 Oct 1776, John and his brother, Barnett, sold 218 acres in Brunswick County that was their inheritance. John served in the Revolutionary War from North Carolina. Along with West Harris, he petitioned to form Montgomery County from Anson County, NC; in 1779; that same year, John was granted 150 acres on the south side of the Pee Dee River in Montgomery County. He was on the 1782 tax list for Montgomery Co. having 700 acres and 3 slaves and on the 1790 census for that county. In 1804, they moved to Stewart Co. TN. Molly died there 13 May 1814 and John on 8 May 1821. James Roper Randle's estate papers list the children of John Randle; estate papers of John Randle mention heirs of Thomas and William Randle and a John Lilly.        
-------------7-Wilson Randle (15 Jan/Jun 1771 Brunswick Co. VA->1850 Quichita Co. Arkansas) m. 1) Frances "Frankie" Davidson. Frances was the daughter of Col. George and Brazelman (Atkins) Davidson. 2) Susan Hogan (c1775 NC-). In 1803 Wilson lived at Byron Forge Creek, Stewart Co. TN. He was listed on the 1810, 1820, and 1830 Stewart Co. TN census.  
Child of Wilson Randle and Frances Davidson is:  
--------------------8-George Davidson Randle, b. 1792-1795, NC; d. 1833, Dyar or Carroll, TN.      
Children of Wilson Randle and Susan Hogan are:  
--------------------8-Wilson Randle, m. Sarah J. Pitts, June 05, 1848, probably Seguin, Guadalupe, TX.  
--------------------8-William Randle, d. May 02, 1869.  
--------------------8-John Hogan Randle, b. April 10, 1797, m. Delphia Manley.  
--------------------8-Martha Randle, b. January 01, 1799.  
--------------------8-Nancy Randle, b. March 18, 1803.  
--------------------8-Thomas Randle, b. November 24, 1806.  
--------------------8-Barnett Randle, b. December 17, 1809, TN; d. June 04, 1850, Gonzales, TX.  
--------------------8-Jarrett Randle, b. 1811-1812, TN.  
--------------------8-(Tillman Randle), b. 1812-1813, TN.  
-------------7-Amy Randle (Mar 1772-4 Jul 1789) m. Thomas Garton Blewett. Amy died at Age 17 during the birth of her first child.  
-------------7-Susan Randle.  
-------------7-Thomas Randle (c1775-c1817) m. Nancy Davidson (c1773 Anson Co. NC-c1817) d/o George W. Davidson and Brazilla Atkins. Thomas Drowned while   returning from GA.  
--------------------8-Thomas Randle  
--------------------8-Beneter Randle m. David McSwain.  
--------------------8-John Randle (12 Jan 1811-) m. Nancy W. Harris (c1811-) d/o Isham Green Harris in 1831.  
-------------7-Ony Randle (c1775/1778) possibly married John Lilly.  
-------------7-Frances "Frankie" Randle (c1781-) m. Miles Williams.

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